Primescreen® is a self-cleaning conical disk filtration system which provides the benefits of primary clarification in a fraction of the traditional footprint and civil cost.

The installation of Primescreen®, thanks to its innovative technology, allows the plant to obtain immediate energy savings due to the reduction of Total Suspended Solids, BOD and COD, decreasing the aeration requirements in the processes after the primary treatment.

Primescreen®is designed to utilize the actual solids being removed to form a filter cake between the disks which serves to prefilter the water before ever reaching the disk surface, and the adherent

properties of this filter cake is used to clean the disks as they rotate and tumble the filtered solids.

The result is filter which eliminates the need for frequent backwashing, reducing the system complexity, lowering energy demand, and resulting in an extremely simple system to operate and maintain.

Even if you have an existing primary clarifier, Primescreen® can allow you to repurpose the existing basins for additional treatment, which can allow you to update your plant for biological nutrient removal or enhance your existing process within the existing footprint.


Always that extra bit.

100% Stainless steel

Compact footprint

Dynamic Tangential Filtration®

Exceptional mechanisms

Simple to use


Municipal and Industrial Sector

Compact mechanical filtration alternative to primary clarification.

By removing a large portion of the solids prior to biological treatment, process efficiency is gained in the downstream biological system, while also yielding higher quality sludge and increased digester performance. Primary clarifiers have been the traditional go to technology for achieving these results, but the basin space requirement, civil costs, and difficult to service submerged collection systems can often outweigh their benefits in plant design.

Case history: Primescreen®, maximum efficiency in the primary treatment

Primescreen® model PS 1001 installed at S. Agostino WWTP, Vicenza (VI) - Italy, owned by VIACQUA SPA.