Nuove Energie research is not restricted to the filtration machines, but it is also applied to those systems which are necessary after the wastewater treatment.

Piston press, screw conveyor, screw compactor and screening screw, with or without squeezing section, are fundamental for the compaction, the transportation and the disposal of the screened material.

CP Piston Press

Piston press that reduces the volume of the screened material to favour its transportation.

Coclea di compattazione CPS

Shaft-less screw system that conveys and compacts the screened material.

CSA Screw Conveyor

The CSA Screw Conveyor without shaft is perfect for the transportation of any screened material.

FK Screening Screw

The FK Screening Screw is a screening system for the separation of the coarse solids from the wastewater, with or without compactor.