Biostrainer® is the Separator-Thickener that ensures long-term functionality and reliability of the MBR ultrafiltration systems.

Thanks to the Dynamic Tangential Filtration®, it definitively solves the problem of fibrous and filamentous materials present in the biological sludge.


Installed as a biological sludge recirculating system, it allows a remarkable reduction of the MBR maintenance interventions.

Anything that traditional filters with perforated plates, wedge wires or static filtering meshes can’t do…Biostrainer® will do!


The advantage of always having something more.

100% Stainless steel

Complete removal of fibrous materials

Dynamic Tangential Filtration

Exceptional mechanisms

Easy to use


Civil Sector

Fibrous material separation in the biological sludge recirculation in MBR systems.

Case history: Biostrainer®, caring about your MBR system

Biostrainer® model BR 1001 installed at SERVIZI AMBIENTALI WWTP, in Borghetto Santo Spirito (SV).